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Tianwan NPS (China)

Tianwan NPS (TNPS) is the largest project of economic cooperation between the Peoples Republic of China and the Russian Federation. TNPS first phase, consisting of two power units, with VVER-1000, was constructed in pursuance of the Intergovernmental Agreement on cooperation in NPP construction in the Peoples Republic of China, concluded on December 18, 1992.

According to the contract, the scope of of JSC Atomstroyexport’s obligations included technical responsibility for the project as a whole, NPP designing, delivery of equipment and materials from Russia and CIS countries, delivery of fresh nuclear fuel for the first core of each power unit, training of the Chinese personnel, transfer of design computer codes, performance of installation works in four basic buildings of the "nuclear island”, performance of commissioning works for all TNPS systems, putting the station into operation, provision of guarantee operation of the power units, delivery of spare parts.

 In 1998 the civil work was started on the site. More than 150 Russian enterprises and organizations took part in TNPS construction. The facility was taken over for operation in 2007. On September 12, 2009 the two-year guarantee operation of both power units was finalized. The respective protocols of the negotiations concerning final acceptance of the power units were signed between JSC Atomstroyexport and Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC). All stages of TNPS Units 1&2 construction were successfully completed. The operation guarantee period has shown reliable and safe operation of the station.

On the 15th of April in 2010 final acceptance certificates of units 1 and 2 of Tianwan NPP were signed. With this the Chinese customer confirmed that the general contractor – JSC Atomstroyexport – performed all the set tasks in full scope and in quality manner. Tianwan NPP operates with good performance indicators: both units are characterized by stable operation at the level of 1060MW of contract power.  The nuclear power plant has the advanced and processable safety systems. In August 2010 at the Symposium held in Lianyungang of those who took part in Tianwan NPP construction, the Chinese side declared: a record on the duration of non-stop operation within the first fuel cycle was made among the plants operated in China.

About the project

The plant was built upon “NPP-91” project. The power units are designed on the basis of construction experience and operation of VVER-1000/320 power units. The power unit includes the reactor facility with VVER-1000/428 reactor type and K-1000-60/3000 turbine type with TBB-100002Y3 generator. The power unit complies with the international nuclear and radiation safety norms. The reactor building is covered with double containment: the inner tight containment excludes radiation penetration to the environment, the outer one is meant for reactor protection against unfavorable influences from the environment. The “catcher” is installed for retention and cooling down of the melt core. It is provided for the melt core to fill the “catcher” in case of emergency and does not destroy the basement under the vessel and the building of the reactor. The “catcher” has the original technical solutions, which do not have any analogues in the world practice of NPP construction. China became the first country having such device. The “catcher” project developed by the Russian engineers was successfully tested by the Russian and Chinese regulatory authorities and was approved by IAEA.

Four-channel structure of safety systems is implemented at the plant, the advanced digital I&C systems delivered by Siemens, are in operation.

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